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Pet Match Rescue

After hearing about the dog meat trade in Korea through social media, Pam reached out to Korean Dogs Sanctuary. Within two weeks, the two rescues were able to collaborate to fly two dogs from Korea to Washington D.C. where Pet Match Rescue met the pups and brought them safely to Pittsburgh. Pet Match Rescue is currently raising money to bring more dogs to the United States to save them from the Korean dog meat industry. 

Matilda and her 11 Puppies

While on her honeymoon in the Bahamas, founder Pam Knichel was struck by the number of stray dogs in Nassau. She first saw Matilda on a beach with her eyes full of sand and she felt she had to bring her to safety. After several trips back to the Bahamas over six months, Pet Match Rescue with help from The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau managed to bring Matilda and her litter of 11 puppies back to the United States and eventually to loving homes.

Pet Match Rescue
Pet Match Rescue

Redd was on death row in North Carolina when Pet Match Rescue teamed up with to fly him to a forever home in the Pittsburgh area. He was later nominated for Rescue Dog of the Year at the CW World Dog Awards.

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